As I sit here in my home office pondering the past 5 weeks (oh how time flies), I realize that there is a calmness engulfing me. I have not felt fear or stress, anxiety nor boredom as I have heard expressed by both the young and young at heart, and those in between. Most of the people I have reached out to are experiencing similar feelings. They are not allowing the pandemic to dictate how they see life nor their behavior. Yes, we are obeying the orders for social and physical distancing, isolation, and quarantine as appropriate, missing our family, friends, and activities – but we are staying calm.

For some of us, we have experienced natural and man-made disasters over the years – the Ice storm in Ottawa in 1997, the blackout of 2003, the subprime crisis of 2008 to name a few; for others, we are just not worriers, and therefore take each day as it comes; and there are those who believe in preparing for a rainy or stormy day – so the shortages or potential shortages of food or other supplies have not affected them.

For me, there are two key factors that keep me grounded

  • My relationship with Deity – In spite of all that is happening with COVID19, I am still able to see the hands of the Lord in my life and in the lives of those around me. There are many people stepping up to the challenge of making and donating masks, hats and gowns to our medical personnel and nursing homes. There are several YouTube videos depicting the creative ways others are coming up with to fill their days and bring joy to countless others.
  • I have limited my exposure to the news and have chosen to only watch Canadian News as I find the news coming from south of the border too controversial. While I have not been a fan of Liberal leadership for quite some time, I am impressed with the solidarity message we receive from our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau – united we stand, divided we fall.

I believe that COVID19 has given us all another lease on life; this is a great opportunity for us to search within and find the authentic person that we are; develop some new habit(s) that we have been putting off because there just was not enough time.  Napoleon Hill says that the best way to get rid of a bad habit, is to replace it. What habit would you like to replace? This is a great time to work on it.

This is not a time to look back with regret, but a great opportunity to reflect, and act now.

Look forward to a better day, not backward to what has been. Love like you have never loved before – start with yourself and let it expand into the universe. Embrace, Embrace, Embrace!