How can I help?

LynGrant Financial Services is qualified to help you build a sound financial strategy what ever stage of life you are at.

You might be just starting out or have a young family and recognize that the need for proper financial advice and protection is real. You can utilize the power of time! Start saving early and let the power of compounding be your friend.

Are you at midlife, divorce or widowed, recently experienced a death in the family? You have a greater need for proper advise to preserve and grow your assets; or maybe you are starting from scratch.

The transition into retirement is also a key time to revisit the financial plan as it is considered a new “phase” of life.

Our Services are determined by each individuals’ unique situation- there are no cookie cutter solutions.

We provide:

  • Financial Strategy

  • Tax Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Budgeting
  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Estate Planning

  • Insurance Analysis

…and Good Common Sense.