Linda Amour Grant CFP®

Certified Financial Planner®

“Financial literacy is not a one time process. Start early, and make financial literacy a continuing process.”

My Story

When I first started my career in banking, I had poor money management (skills I developed in my childhood).  According to Forbes, “Foolishly spending money is the number one financial cause for divorce”, and while this is not the reason I divorced, it certainly was a big problem in my marriage (I married someone with worse money management skills than mine).

Landing a job in a bank was the best thing to happen to me, because I learned very quickly the errors or my ways, and how to improve them.  Because of these new skills, I have helped many individuals and families develop healthy attitude to money, and improve their financial position.


Let’s work together to guide you to a better financial future. It’s my passion. 

My style is holistic.

Your financial picture incorporates your ability to earn an income; balance that income today; have some fun along the way, and live comfortably in retirement.  At Lyngrant Financial, we offer comprehensive financial advice and money management, so you can live today, and save for tomorrow.

Understanding Your Money Story and working with you to make any necessary adjustments


Collaborating working with you for financial success


Providing excellent client experiences